I had barely moved my bike, when the BOOM came. (Beat.) Narrator: Now the Hundred Acre Wood boasted many natural wonders, but none was more beautiful than a tiny stream running through the forest. One day, someone from the group to our left said, Do you realize you get to work every day? Working frequently is like the greatest honor we could ever have, by the way. So I started to think, why if I dont belong to a groupI get to work the most? Oh no, oh no, oh no. Genre: Dramatic. And being in good spirits, I went home and gave one of the tickets to my newly 18-year-old brother, absolutely free. By: Chloe Cramutola, Age 16, New Jersey, USA Description: In a world where everyone has gone missing, one teen remains, imagining that he/she is a radio show host. Billionaires are attractive at any age. It gets lonely being this big and living in the ocean. Alright class! Honey! Haven't thought of anything, have you? Missy, Claire and Prissy were about to die, then he goes (kneeling on one knee) Saturn will you go to the homecoming dance with me? It was so cute! Every day is the same. (brightened with a new idea, excited) Oh, did I tell you about the penguins? Im not going to starve, Im going to die of boredom first. I told her the whole story and that I didnt know how I could get out. Well I say now, someone has, Pooh, did you do that? Can I tell you something? Just six little seeds. Well, I guess I shall live, I suppose I shall live-. Okay, okay, Ill stay calm. Im still waiting for it. I cannot believe that there are even words coming out of my mouth, its almost as if my mind is full. Im starvingbut I am not going to eat that pizza. Now, over there is my bed. I got rid of them all, every last one! I dont even want to go back! And after, you follow the river of job, money, family, mistakes, money, good stories, retirement money, money and then some more money, then you have grandkids and die. What good is chocolate anyway? By: Sophie S., Texas, USA, Age 16 Description: Tommy, 18, is going away to college, and saying goodbye to a tiger who has been his imaginary friend his entire life. One group, the group to my left, said I was too round for them; and the ones on the right? And now thats me. Waiting for this to end is like watching a pecan tree grow. Pter Klvin produced this transcript for the sole purpose of helping his children learn English. When I was a kid, I used to be afraid of the monster under my bed. (turns back to the audience) I wasnt supposed to shout it. Second Place Winner By: Mina T., New York, NY, Age 13 Gender: Female Genre: Dramatic Description: An elderly woman tells a young artist to pursue her dreams and shares the story of her broken dreams. After that, I was still determined to have the best day ever, so I decided to drive home real quick to change out of my coffee-stained shirt. It was made out of gosh darn hay! No one will dare oppose you. Genre: Dramatic, (Actor kneels at the grave of his/her mother.). Lets get started. I mean the fur and the teeth are really authentic. More details are available in the progress report. Oh yeah, I just had my birthday. I went to my room and I could tell they were still arguing. Jessie? I tried on all her crowns. Pooh: That was what I wanted to ask you. I think you should know that about three years ago I was diagnosed with ADHD. By: Henry Boudolf, Age 12, South Carolina USA Description: When you think you dont like chocolate, but then you try it. Yes, the breakup was fine. Because, well, actually, no one cared enough to tell me Im ugly. No! You take him away, his breath reeking of Colt 45, and he spends one night sleeping it off and she springs him the next morning out of sheer fear. I was even born in here, I know its safe. Perhaps some cookie dough ice cream could help me think? I will, and already do miss her so much. I read the novel, but this question doesnt make any sense. I looked up pictures of Aerosmith online and the main guy doesnt look like a guy at all. Now, where was I? No, Periodthe meeting is not over. )Do you hear that? There was a thunderstorm on page 71, and on page 73 there was a bit of a cloudburst. What if its not being loyal to me? She saw how angry I was and started in with this ridiculous story about being mugged on the way to work, I mean that happens all the time in New York, but it doesnt mean you have to be late! And one day, Ill have me a kid, and I will love him, and always treat him good. Now I never knew this, so here I am warning you after all this happened. Ricky never really knew how to click with people quite like everyone else, I suppose. Upon glancing at the text one of the first, striking features of the poem is the use of parentheses. But some days you dont hear it. Here, let me just take this blindfold offthere you go! My name is Jeanine Brefcyznki and I know that those are two very polar, funny sounding names but thats just me! (Pause.) I ordered it from my house, but it never arrived. Look, Im not stupid. Favorites much? What have I done to deserve this? I wear normal clothes. We werent given one by NASA. (Straightens up again) A lot of people think I went to space to explore the planets, but I was just trying to escape my old granny! Struggles and gets frustrated. I was just minding my own business. Now, I think I know the cure. Second Place Winner By: Jessie Stevenson, Age 13, California. He was being serious, that wasnt a compliment! Have a good day at work! Oh dear, it's no use, there's only one thing to do, I'll get Christopher Robin. But he wont believe that everyone says that. This alerts the obnoxious kid sitting behind you who loudly says, Oooh! Plus, all the other things that you learn in school. (Pulls flashcard out of her pocket and paces the room) Da da da da da. By the way, it is hard to turn with a tail this long. Well, I guess theres one thing that I really do need to talk about. Okay? And, Im Hispanic, so I dont know what quiet is! MICROPHONE. I cant do any of those things! With a hefty happy appetite, Have I reached the pandemic response team? I felt that old urge to check under my bed. Do you get my drift? This is the first day Ive been clean in four years. His name was Alex. [Narrator] So the Hundred Acre Wood got floodier and floodier, but the water couldn't come up to Christopher Robin's house, so that's where everyone was gathering. I was talking to my friends through most of that. I got up in the middle of the night and noticed my father was packing his bag. Genre: Dramatic, Woman: (Starts to cry a little bit) I just dont get it. How can she do that? I talked to her. Since she wasnt really around much with her work and everything, I decided that I could take the train from Ohio to Pennsylvania, to stay with my aunt because that seemed like my only option as long as I was away from home. For a long time, I had dreamswell nightmares that he is somehow still alive up there and no one can find him. First Place Winner! Birds arent stuck in moldy, rundown apartments. Theres this thing called emancipation. Sarah? Remember Jeanine, open body language and smile. And if I would take those away, I wouldnt be there for our masters and serve them well. I know I made a huge mistake that could cost hundreds of lives, but if I can fix it, then its not the end of the world. I just had a cough, see, and I happened to be behind Eeyore and I said, uh, and I said-(starts coughing loudly) Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Ok Samantha what do you want? Just pick her up, will you? You sit down, listen to my problems, (supposedly) and ask me how I feel? I look around and try to figure out what on this good green Earth could possibly warrant such a horrible sound when the childs mother looks at me with the tired eyes of one who deals with a three-foot-tall chimpanzee all day. Youll know its from space because its labelled space rock. One day, Im going to make it for him. I work hard to get good grades, but to not be the top of my class. How was my day? No, no mom and dad know I wont be out for a minute. We respond to all comments too, giving you the answers you need. I was annoyed because I assumed that it was another one of her pranks. I shouldnt joke about that. Go to a park and have normal experiences but I cant. I would never be able to show my face in public. Actor should play the song listening for the misinterpreted phrase and actually sing it during the monologue. He's Winnie the Pooh THIS IS MY PUNISHMENT FOR SKIPPING THAT ONE LACROSSE PRACTICE-what?! Youre just thinking about going home, watching tv, what youre going to make for dinner. A loyal friend to his neighbors in the Hundred Acre Wood, Pooh is always willing to lend a helping hand. than I thought, And she found that, had it. I dont care if you like her. They hide their scars by making others bleed. No one messes with you there. Ive always found that a nice cup of hot tea can settle my nerves. (exasperatedly) Tea and crumpets! You never can tell with bees. All the water was drained away, and the gates were chained up. Something about her reputation being ruined. What? Chairete! I felt out of place. You wont even need to barter the fates for your fame like Achilles did! He didnt give me a ticket. One who was obsessed with VSCO, the other who would not stop making TikToks, and lastly one who actually went to bed on time. She knows that shrimp is the one thing Im scared of. Im going to be happy. A rescue ! Piglet: I-I-I-I expect it was T-T-T-T-Tigger! Wait, where are you going? Bye. In middle school I got trickier. But then I realized that tears were overflowing from her eyes. [Dementedly] So, Ill say this to you. It felt like time was slowing down. He interacts with so many girls, you never know who may be eyeing him. Genre: Comedic. I didnt talk to him for a week after that incident. (She smiles and hangs up the phone.) You cannot convict me or my linguini. Be an artist. Thats right, I dont know what it is going to be either because we were supposed to learn that today but couldnt because of some lazy teacher. A coldness I can feel in my bones. Listens to someone in the audience.) Moment #1: Funeral of Marilyn Monroe August 8th, 1962 Opens with the funeral presenter. There are also different uses of punctuation in these lines, ranging from dashes to periods and parentheses. I saw Georges horrified expression as I was falling. Okay. What matters is that we cant let Faith make this musical flop like the last one. Youd sew and I would do the finance. Mom said that he should shut up and let me decide. W O L. That spells Owl. I feel love when I look in his eyes. Almost my entire family has been in jail before and I want to be the one to set an example for my familys next generation. Not to be trusted! Yeah, theres all kinds of scuses for whippin me. Im going to sue her and then have her banished from this country! I promise youthe moment you decide to get up out of your chair and take a walk or go to lunch with your friends that you havent seen in ages, then you will feel better. And besides, if you turn that monster into stone, youll be a hero! You know, I miss her too. Okay God, take me know. If I wanted my grass to be used for a whistle, I would have made it a whistle. Like forever, forever? Hum de dum dum dum you guys are worse today than yesterday, and now I have to replace that window! I mean what else are you supposed to do when the most attractive guy you know finally gives you the time of day? First Place Winner! (pause) Yes. Tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff You shall live with me! Eeyore: My balloon? What are youwhat? First Place Winner! 16. But, what if our country is not living up to its part of the deal? Genre: Dramatic. Brock: Okay. I really thought I was dead but then I discovered my long-lost uncle! Im where? [Tigger] Heffalumps and Woozles, Heffalumps and Woozles steal honey, beware, beware! Yeah, right. Shes always supported my love of theater and to be honest I wouldnt be where I am without her. When I came back out again, the car was gone. For the best and quality entertainment people looked at Disney. Will you help me? I did an experiment for two weeks straight by not uttering a single word to any of you first. No! Were gonna go boating next summer. Cependant, il existe une diffrence distincte entre un monologue et un monologue; Un monologue ne fait pas appel dautres personnages ou un public, comme un monologue. This is the beginning of: "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" (1977). But watch out for Vera our Venus Flytrap over there. I see youre all excited about being Santas new favorite reindeer, but never forget where you came from. Theres no need to have her miss anymore school than she needs to: her teachers already get a lot of practice writing the letter F. Then, mom said I had to get groceries, and the people who work at grocery stores wouldnt judge you if you showed up riding a unicycle with a parrot on your head, so green hair shouldnt get many looks. Can you hear me now? The beautiful woman I was going to marry one day standing there just in her beauty alone. Ill make them feel loved. (Picks herself up.) Whatever. I think a little to the left, Pooh. (Looks around, pause.) It's good to meet you. Also germs. Ill just try and make a cover story. T I double Ga eR. My parents did not take the news well at the time, and they didnt really help. Im totally pumped. If anything, this dragon assaulted and harassed me! I really want to strangle each and every tall person but to do so I would NEED A STEPLADDER!!!!!! Youve got the book, the film, the stage production and of course the merchandise. I dont like disco. I'm a hefty happy Pooh. I just have to stay calm and relaxed. And my old childhood friend would still be kind to me. Signing up for therapy, exploring medication options, and developing healthy ways to cope. Thats what my mom says anyway. Im ready. (Clears throat. Oh ,well, glad to meet you! ME!" What did I ever do to deserve this kind of pain and hurt? The part that made me ache was when Ricky told me bout the day they served French toast sticks. Bitter fate of my people, bitter my name, bitter tears were shed by the dying, how many people drank their fate with bitter vodka, so many Mariias in the world, that forever people remember their sufferings and do not repeat mistakes. Genre: Dramatic. How I can fix it before everyone around me notices how hard I am to be around. There are a million issues I can think of! A hunting trophy. They are like an unstoppable wave of feathered locusts, eating every scrap of bread they can get their pointy beaks on! I swear, I have to run all over the place, pushing people aside in order to get a signal. By: Naia Thethy, Age 11, Washington D.C., USA Description: A person calls a government agency and admits to starting a zombie apocalypse. Wishing for those times when you came over and we became like sisters. But yeah, it was some dark time until one day. Ugh! The result, more time. Monster. Time for something sweet. They dont see the scales and claws that they show me. 1. I know all my words. I know, but its not my fault. It's my birthday-the happiest day of the year. Thats when I became Norma Doherty. All Im asking is that you try to live a life without her. The big guy had us come in just so we could talk about making a creature of power that can eat anything. Now Im not a god who would say, Oh My Gosh! Uhwell I like the starsthat is when I can see them. No, ellipsis, we will not be taking a vote! It is from Eeyore's perspective that the speaker is talking. Then why cant you help? These are the wrong sorts of bees. Diane Nguyen, I read that on Facebook. Ive spent a lot of time shrunk down in my seat. Oh, thank you Pooh Bear, of course I will. )Maybe we can come up with a compromise. He was British and personality-wise hes pretty eccentric. Only a little longer guys. The other one was a chemical that has been shown to bring people back to life. Youll never take over the world or have any henchmen. Opened up his eyes, he said. Im so nervous, what if I suck? There. I am calling the principal! By: Kallie Carter, Age 17, Georgia, USA Description: A young woman tells a co-worker about her lifetime of cheating. (Smile turns into an angry frown) Okay. MY EARS. But she doesnt even deserve my yelling. Sometimes Im scared I wont be enough like you when I grow up. [Rabbit] Pooh? ManI just cant wait to hang out in real life again. Listen to me, we have never, ever had an opportunity like this before. I know. It was supposed to be a secret. Most people would love to be me. People start to ask you questions, like Why do you have a chart? and Why were you in the guidance counselors office? And they dont say it, but you know theyre thinking Is something wrong with her?. The feeling of excitement came up inside of me and I ran to her, to comfort her from feeling alone. Yes, you, the victim of the stabbing? In the mood (smack, smack) for food, 1; 2; 3 >> - Cest une bonne situation a scribe ? I just want to be a normal kid. Angela and I are more like sisters. All youre gonna be is a piece of trivia for superhero nerds with nothing better to spend their time on. You and Lisa going at each others necks the whole time! You also cant keep it in your pocket. With a loud crack, the ball pops off the bat and the announcer says, High fly ball deep to center field. I just want to say to them, Look you little two-timing molded fruit cakes, I am NOT obsessed with celebrities! The truth is, I only in love with ONE! Even if she stalks me day and night. That was a monologue! [Piglet] Oh, Owl, I don't need but I'm afraid, I'm scared. Eeyore's monologue By Editor Posted on April 10, 2006 Friend! Anyway, I try to forget about it. Theres no one to hold them back and tell them what not to do. With all my might, I swam upward. Welcome to a transcript of "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" Special Edition. Again, the last thing I want to do is disappoint you. Its as simple as mixing part A and part B, and in theory, it should work. By: Caroline Seawell, Age 15, South Carolina USA Description: A frustrated theater student brainstorms ideas for a monologue they must write. Vote for Rose if youre content. . And its weird, because its not like it hurts to say that. Well, have you heard of the Seven Deadly Sins? It turns out, in the middle of my most desperate moment, my mirror self was wreaking some serious havoc in my life by being mean to everyone and destroying my reputation! I stood there for hours, until finally I got a lift into the city. Do I feel bad about what I do for a living, no. But Im strawberry too right? The science teacher was teaching us about watersheds. He/she gets up, addresses the audience. But he was dead. Its easy to get strange around here. Homework. Christopher Robin! Winnie the Pooh (pooh) But then again, I gotta be honest. I was in heels after all. They just hung up. Lucky, I liked the suit! Ive been trying to stay away from jail all my life and Im not going to go there over something this dumb. Now, on this blustery day Pooh decided to visit his thoughtful spot. He eagerly shares his enthusiasm with otherswhether they want him to or not. No never mind its a long story. You make me happy every day. Have a normal sleeping schedule, have normal reactions- I laugh the appropriate amount at sit-coms. We listened to Gloria Gaynor the whole ride home as I cried. Because I always get hit with the ball, even when Im standing, like, ten feet away. Genre: Comedic, (Actor pantomimes washing and drying dishes intermittently during the monologue.). Then one night it happened again. Well girls, today has already been the craziest day of my life. But now its decided. Santa is where? The one she kept hidden in an old toaster oven in the bottom cabinet. So, Im standing up there, and this guy I barely knew, Mark Holmes, appears out of nowhere and yanks me down. By: Marwan Lahbabi, California, USA, Age 14 Gender: Male Genre: Dramatic Description: A troubled teen tells his story to a new psychiatrist. He wouldnt have left me. I try to laugh it off and tell myself that Im okayand maybe cry a little bit more. You have no idea how hard it is for our kind!, By: Alyvia Taylor, Age 12, Florida, USA Description: An African American woman expresses her frustration and anger about the injustice she has experienced due to prejudice and racism. I know it was November because Thanksgiving was close. Didnt even say thank you!!! By: Lizzie Towell, Age 18, Texas, USA Description: Snow White leads a support group for princesses who have evil stepmothers. You want us to not speak out on what it is you are doing to us because you want us to be the bad guys.
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